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- Escort RS2000 Mk II

Lee's - RS2000
Escort RS2000 Mk2


My name is Lee Rodger i live in a small town called Bo'ness in Scotland and i am the proud owner of this 1980 Ford Escort Mk2 RS2000 Custom V reg beauty in almost completely standard condition (Full Ashley exhaust including 4 branch manifold and a piper x airfilter) everything else is standard including the colour Java Green which seems to be extremely rare I only purchased the car 2 months ago and must admit got a bargain i put the exhaust on straight away and have Lumention to get fitted then maybe some other things twin 40s or 45s just have to wait and see.

The Interior is chocolate brown with fishnet seats in mint condition no rub marks or holes anywhere, It still contains original stereo in it which is also in mint condition, Interior is in immaculate untouched condition i.e no marks on carpet or stains, No scratches on Dash or pod everything works 100% no holes cut in door cards for speakers back-seat looks like its never been sat in.


rs-ford's comments:

Looks good ... you must be on cloud nine!!!
looks really good on the grass where did you find the same shade as your car? ;)

The dogs danglies !!!!

Thanks Lee

Roy's Mk2 RS2000 - Cossy powered
Escort RS2000 Mk2


My name is Roy and I am from South Africa, my father owns a Mk2 RS2000 with a Cosworth engine, he has had the car for most of it's life and have really
gone the extra mile looking after it
Mods on the car include a uprated turbo, gas flowed head with custom
intercooler, 3 bar map sensor and grey injectors, and then also a 9"diff
Currently he pushes a reasonable 420bhp with the addition of a little nos
(to eliminate lag) and his best recorded 1/4 mile time being 11.8 seconds on
street tyres


rs-ford's comments:

Now that is fast ... that has got to be one of the most powerful Mk2's around ... looks like they got it right is South Africa.


Ian's Mk2 RS2000
RS R2000


Full on turbo conversion running 0.6 bar with 2 litre sierra inj system, sierra cos intercooler, blue samco boost and coolant hoses with yellow rocker cover
(soon to be painted blue and dump valve on the way)


Full safety devices roll cage and four point harnesses, fishnet
recaro's, boost and extra temp gauges, momo sterring wheel with the back
seats removed

Lowered 2 inches all round, front cross-drilled and grooved discs
with tarox pads, standard rear drums with tarox pads, adjustable double
strutbrace at the front, full stainless steel exhaust by peco and mk 5
escort alloys


rs-ford's comments:

Blown Rear wheel drive Mk2, bet you can have some fun in that. What bhp are you getting?

owner Paul
RS 2000 Mk2


Escort RS 2000 Mk2

Engine prepared by AMT Motorsport
111 bhp at the wheels

additional :

Member of the Belgian Ford Team " The Escort MK I & MK II Enthousiasten


rs-ford's comments:

Another of our belgian friends love this car ... just look at the attention to detail.

Nice one Paul

owner Rich
RS 2000 Mk2


Escort RS 2000 Mk2

Hill climb rs2000

Full Safety devices cage
English Axle
4.4-to1 quaife LSD
2.0 Graham Hickman Pinto on twin 48's
steel crank,
cossie rods and bolt
full race cam
Cobra carbon fibre seats,
5 point TRS harness
5 speed Tran-ex dog box.
Group 4 billies front and back,
panhard rod
Shell full seam welded and gusseted


rs-ford's comments:

Very smart the ideal car for hillclimbs, I love the colour too.

Get some more pics in!

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